Canserve is a charitable society run by cancer survivors and a group of volunteers.
Our aim is to help cancer patients in their fight against the disease and to spread awareness about cancer


  • To see that no one faces cancer alone
  • Create awareness among the people that cancer is curable, if detected at an early stage
  • To bring up a health conscious generation
  • To organise means to support cancer patients during the various stages of treatment
  • Promote early detection


  • Support cancer patients both emotionally and financially ... Right From diagnosis to all other stage's of treatment.
  • Counselling patients and help them in overcoming their fear of this dreadful disease.
  • Help the affected families to carry on with their lives.
  • Organise fund raising programs for supporting cancer patients... Thereby helping needy patients.
  • Increase awareness of cancer through cancer awareness programs.


Gift a smile to the cancer victims by donating through Canserve Society . Your donation will change the life of many and create a world with less cancer. Our aim is to help cancer patients in their fight against the disease and to spread awareness about cancer . Canserve is a charitable society run by cancer survivors and a group of volunteers. Please contact us to transfer your donations

Awareness about Breast Cancer

  • Hello my dear friends.... It's the Pink Month... The month that calls for Awareness about Breast Cancer. A month, that's a celebration for me... For Being Alive... Ten years ago, I was spending quite a lot of time in the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi... waiting for doctors and nurses, bursting with questions, weighed down by fears, certain only of the fact that nothing was certain. Yet throughout the tears, stress, side effects, and fear, I was blessed by the kindness of others, and am truly thankful today that I have had these 10 years and am looking forward to many more. In addition to what I had before, I have new friends, new goals, new activities, new missions.
  • So as we roll into another Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I want to remind everyone that Awareness is not only about wearing pink but if you really, really want to support breast cancer, find a reliable charity and donate your money directly so that it reaches the right deserving patient.
  • Awareness is understanding that it might happen to you or someone you love (and that includes you too, guys). Awareness is paying attention to your body and seeking a doctor when something 'just isn't right.' Awareness is going ahead and making that appointment for that long delayed mammogram - and better yet, calling up a friend or sibling so you both can go and get it done with.
  • Awareness is knowing that lifestyle choices like diet, exercise and stress can have an impact on your health - but so too can genetics and a whole bunch of other things we still barely know about, and that you never really will figure out the whole statistic of "Why me?"
  • Awareness is knowing that if it does happen to you or someone you know, there are many wonderful people and places out there to help support you and Canserve Society , Kochi is certainly one among them.
  • Awareness is knowing that there are many options for treatment, and taking the right decision is very important.
  • Awareness is offering to cook, drive, buy groceries, drive the kids, send a care package, give a call or send a card for or to someone who is going through treatment.
  • Awareness is knowing that none of us knows what comes next, and whether we will have another day, another year, or another decade to do what we've always said we wanted to do.
  • Awareness is knowing that each our journeys will be different - different treatments, surgeries, diagnoses and prognoses - and that we will lose many wonderful people as we walk along together.
  • Awareness is realizing that days can get pretty damn dark, but the clouds part and the sun comes out, at least for a while.
  • Awareness is understanding how much power you have to give back and change others' lives when you share your thoughts, emotions and experiences with others who are just starting out on the journey.
  • To all the amazing women with whom I have shared this journey in all ways, shapes and forms, thank you for walking with me, supporting me, laughing with me, crying with me, screaming with me and sharing with me. For those who have not been on this path, . I hope I've been able to help spread a little genuine awareness. And I am always here for you.
  • (PS - LADIES - GET YOUR MAMMOGRAMS!!!!) And feel free to share.


Asianet News along with the support of Canserve Charitable Society and like minded organizations is ready to CHALLENGE CANCER, the Emperor of all Maladies. Do join us. Together we can beat this dreaded disease. An early detection, and a consequent swift intervention is sure to help us in the long run. I CAN.. YOU CAN.. WE ALL CAN.. #Seminar #Awareness #Survivors #Caregivers

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