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Canserve is a cancer support group, comprising of Cancer survivors and Volunteers. We extend our helping hand to cancer patients and their families/caregivers in every possible way - financial , emotional and any other support that Canserve can extend. We have financially supported above 50 patients amounting to more than Rs 7 Lakhs in the year 2014-2015 and have helped patients in their requirement for blood, and platelets. We also help in rehabilitation of patients . Our efforts are targeted towards making cancer patients feel whole again by giving breast prosthetics free of cost to breast cancer patients, wigs at a very nominal rate for patients in need of the same and so on. We conduct Cancer Awareness Programmes (CAP) in various parts of Ernakulam including corporate and residential associations.

As we are a charitable organization, Canserve works primarily with funds received as donations. Organising Cancer awareness programmes, Walkathons, Hair donation dampaigns, Exhibitions and Cultural dvents to raise funds are also our activities.

With the purpose of raising funds for our mission, we conducted a Fund raising event in May 2015. Canserve organised a massive Walk With Canserve Walkathon during early September 2015 turning to be one of the most successful walkathons in Kochi city, with participants from all walks of life supporting Canserve and participating in the event. Hair Donation Campaign -, Locks for Hope at St Theresa’s College, Ernakulam also invited much public attention. We organise events and awareness sessions on World Cancer Day and during October - Breast Cancer month every year

‘Walk with Canserve’ Walkathon in September 2015. It turned out to be one of the most successful walkathons in Kochi city. Participants from all walks of life were there to support Canserve. Another campaign, ‘Hair Donation – Locks for Hope’ was held at St Theresa’s College, Ernakulam. It also invited much public attention. We also organise awareness sessions and various events during the Breast Cancer month and on World Cancer Day [October] as well.

Gift a smile to the cancer victims by donating through Canserve society. Your donation will change the life of many and create a world with lesser cancer patients. Our aim is to help cancer patients in their fight against the disease and to spread awareness about cancer . Canserve is a charitable society run by cancer survivors and a group of volunteers. Please contact us to transfer your donations

Canserve's activities are not limited to the above. Any support that can be extended to any cancer patient or family and is within Canserve's reach will be made available to them.

Kala Joymon - (President) 9995349413
Suja Nair (Secretary) 9446481628
Ambika Chandrakumar (Treasurer) 9526028889

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